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Management of Cotton Wilt Disease

In Cotton, due to heavy rains and presence of high soil moisture, wilting occurs. The wilt affected plants will dry first and die later. Wilt is caused by fungus and hence when soil moisture is high the disease increases rapidly.

Wilt Symptoms:


Diseased plants dry initially here and there in the field. When we uproot the affected plant and dissect the root will turn into brown initially and then to red colour and finally to black colour. Ultimately the plant dies as it is unable to take the nutrients since the fungus affects the roots. The fungus spreads faster when the soil moisture is high.


Control Measures:

When wilt occurs, the fungus spreads from one plant to another and hence the severely wilt affected plants must be uprooted and destroyed in a fire.

Then affected plant area and the surrounding area upto 3-4 rows even healthy plants must be sprayed with Copper Oxy Chloride 3 gr. Or Ridomil MZ 2 gr. Or Carbendazim 1 gr. Per litre water poured at the base of the plant so that the root zone is completely wetted. The above recommendation should be repeated 2 to 3 times at an interval of 4 – 5 days basis Wilt disease intensity.

Sprint or Saaf 250 – 500 gr mixed in 30 Kg Urea can be applied at 5cm distance from the plant.

Wilt affected plants unable to take water and nutrients from the soil. Hence, Urea 20 gr per litre water or soluble fertilizers like 19:19:19 @ 10 gr per litre water can be sprayed twice at 5 days interval.

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